Sale of LED trailers and displays

New and second-hand LED trailers for sale

We offer trailers for sale in various sizes.

  • 6 - 9 sqm
  • 10 -13 sqm
  • 14 -18 sqm

The trailers are available as platforms and container.
All trailers can be equipped with either a 3.9 mm or 4.8 mm display. The displays can also be used without a trailer for mobile use.
We will gladly send you our price list
and we will inform you when we have used trailers on offer.


Platform or Container?

Platform trailers are flexible, filigree and under five metres in total height. This puts them below the limit for an inspection book for flying structures. This makes the trailers cheaper and stages can be built directly in front of them.

Containers are always over five metres high, require an inspection book for temporary structures in Germany, but offer comprehensive protection against vandalism and weather.  In other European countries this is not required. They also have a small control room to install technology safely and dryly.

New trailers - Made just for you!

We currently build three standard sizes:
7 sqm
10 sqm
15 sqm

The trailers are individually manufactured to order and approved in Wetzlar. You will receive the LED trailer with a German road approval. Of course, you will also receive a 2-year warranty. But we are also there for you after the warranty expires.
As soon as your trailer is finished and approved, we will deliver the LED trailer to you. You can choose from different types of displays or we can install your own display.

Second hand trailers

Our used trailers were either used by ourselves, customers or friendly companies. We subject them to a thorough inspection, repair them and prepare them for rental. As a rule, you will also receive initial spare parts from us and we are of course also available after the sale to help you with technical questions and spare parts in word and deed.

Which display is the right one?

An LED screen is made up of many individual pixels. These in turn are formed from individual LEDs. Two technologies are distinguished here. RGB and SMD technology. RGB stands for red-green-blue. These three colours form a pixel that can display 16.8 million colours by mixing the three primary colours. RGB technology is very bright and robust, but the arrangement of the individual coloured LEDs limits the minimum distance between the pixels. Therefore, SMD LEDs are usually used for denser pixel spacing. This technology makes it possible to integrate the three LEDs in one component. However, this is at the expense of brightness. We only use LEDs that are suitable for outdoor use with direct sunlight. To see an even picture, the eye needs a certain distance to the screen. Here we can say as a rule of thumb that the pixel pitch (P) in millimetres is the distance in metres. Thus, the minimum viewing distance for a 10 mm display (P10) is ten metres. The smaller the minimum viewing distance, the smaller the pixel pitch must be.


New and used LED displays for sale

New and used displays

We are happy to sell you new and used LED displays. For mobile use or for fixed installations.

Ask for our current offers.

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Für Werbedisplays mit LED-Technik zur Festinstallation in Hosenfeld, Hünfeld, Hünfelden, Hünstetten, Hüttenberg, Hungen, Idstein, Jesberg, Kalbach, Karben und Kassel sind wird der optimale Partner. Wir bauen Ihnen das richtige Display an Hauswände, neben Ausfallstraßen oder auf Konstruktionen und liefern Ihnen die richtige Software um das Programm Fernzubespielen.

Auch in Lahnau, Lahntal, Lampertheim, Langen (Hessen), Langenselbold und Langgöns sind LED-Installationen für Werbezwecke werbewirksam möglich.